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About Us

The passion of all the martial arts, and operational staff is a major part of our quality and welcoming facility. All of our instructors are life learners and engaging leaders in their field of expertise. Our martial arts head instructor has traveled extensively in pursuit of the best in martial arts knowledge and practices. Our instructors are examples of what they share and they live the training models they use to guide others to achieve personal success in martial arts and fitness goals.

Unique quality and variety is what we offer our patrons. Our martial arts programs are for everyone at any stage of life, we have a rich history, adaptable principles, modern relevance, and life-enhancing results. You will receive the best instruction from individuals who continuously train and grow, and have a strong desire to help others reach their goals. Our Cardio Kickboxing and fitness programs keep patrons engaged and motivated. Our high energy and dedicated instructors promote motivation, dedication, community, and enhanced quality of life.

At Elevo we serve the patron looking to enhance their life and the lives of their family members. Whether you have some training or no training, we offer a variety of programs designed to serve your needs. In addition, all of our instructors believe in the circle of growth which is to learn, share, learn and grow as a community. This circle has been the foundation of our facility and has allowed us to grow as individuals and as a facility. We work hard to stay on the fringe of cutting-edge knowledge and training methods through personal continued education; we then share that knowledge and lift others; in the process of sharing we gain a deeper understanding of the lessons; through the continued process of one empowering another, we create a community of empowered and fulfilled individuals.
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