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        Our To-Shin Do (Modern Ninjutsu)  program is a modern version of a      

       thousand year old martial art from Japan known as Ninjutsu. It is a self-

      protection system based on modern threats to one’s health and wellness.

     Therefore, it focuses on the physical aspects of self-defense like how to    

    protect against striking, grappling, knife, and multiple opponent attacks.

   it also focuses on giving students strategies for dealing with the mental and    

  emotional attacks committed by bullies on the playgrounds, schools and work  environments of modern society. 



Our Combatives program is a modern reality based hands on program based

on a culmination of training methodologies such as boxing, kickboxing, grappling, knife fighting, stick fighting and pistol defense. In addition, 

this program teaches situational awareness training,  emergency medicine

and much more.  

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        Our Kickboxing program is fun, fitness oriented, and functional. The 

      official art is called Silat Tomoi, which is an ancient battlefield close 

     quarters fighting system that comes from Malaysia. It is kin to Thailand's 

    Muay Boran, the father of Muay Thai. Although dangerous in full on

   application, we focus primarily on the technical and fitness aspect of the 

  training methodology. 

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Kali is a Filipino martial arts. It is a stick, knife and empty hand martial arts system with heavy emphasis on the blade. This tribal system has been around for generations and is direct in its application as well as its training. This course is an adult specific course as it is a no holds barred direct self-protection system. It has no emphasis

on the emotional, mental or self-improvement aspects of an individual. It tends

to be more physically specific. 



           Silat is an ancient Malay martial art that comes from the primary areas of             Malaysia and Indonesia. This is a weapons-based system with strong    

         emphasis on straight blade (knife), curved blade (Kerambit), small axe,

        flexible weapons but it also emphases empty had combat, and

       grappling. This class is taught in its original form which is based on warfare

      concepts and tactics of the battlefield. 

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