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Why Private Lessons?  Here are 4 Great Reasons!

One-on-One Learning

Learn directly from the instructor of your choice.  Private lessons count towards class credit for rank advancement!

Quality Instruction

Our world-class instructors are specially trained to help you learn and accomplish yoiur goals.

Train What You Want to Train

Private Lessons offer the unique opportunity for the student to decide what he or she wants to learn, be it specializing in one area or working on a technique they didn't quite get before.

Specialized Weapons Training

Want to to learn specific weapons skills?  Ask an instructor to work with you in a private lesson!


Meet Our Amazing Instructors!

See for yourself how we can help you grow!


Sensei Hakim "Intoshi" Isler

Sensei Isler is the head instructor and owner of Elevo Dynamics.  Having trained directly with the first american ninja, Stphen K. Hayes, he hold a fifth degree black belt in To Shin Do Ninjutsu, as well as black belts in both FCS Kali and Harimau Beranai Silat.  He served in the U.S. Military in the Iraq War  as special operations personel, and is an accomplished author.  He began Elevo Dynamics with the goal of passing on the knowledge he has accrued to a new generation of everyday warriors.


Sensei Robert "Jotoshi" Albert

Sensei Bobby was the first adult black belt at Elevo Dynamics, and currently holds a third degree black belt in To Shin Do Ninjutsu.  Bobby is a U.S army veteran and an EMT at Cape Fear Valley EMS.  


Instructor Brent Lagesse

Brent is an aspiring martial artist, he currently holds a first degree black belt in To Shin Do Ninjutsu, as well as studying FCS Kali, Harimau Berantai Silat and Tomoi kickboxing under Sensei Hakim Isler.  


Instructor Geoff White

Geoff is a first degree black belt at Elevo Dynamics, and has more than 10 years of experience as a teacher, which has helped him to pass on the knowledge here at Elevo Dynamics.  His son Adam is also a junior instructor at Elevo Dynamics.

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